at the coast of NORTH HOLLAND

Holidayparc Bloemenhof offers a very nice selection of holiday properties in Sint Maartenszee, a little village only 2 km of the beach and the North Sea. Sint Maartenszee is a lovely place for your holiday as it has something to offer for everyone. In Spring, the bulb fields with their vibrant colors, will take your breath away.
In Autumn, you can enjoy invigorating walks along the beach and return to a welcoming fire in your bungalow, whilst in winter, a nice range of walks in the woodlands await you.
And then of course in Summer, there are many activities for young and old alike; - swimming, sunbathing at the beach or cycling and walking routes. There is also a whole array of lovely villages dotted around who offer all kinds of activities.
All in all; this area has lots to offer for every moment of your holiday.

Since 2011 we offer our guests free Internet  in all the houses.

On this site once stood wooden houses,  in winter they had to be demolished.
In 1975 , the Houses Crocus and Narcis were built, then the Studio’s Tulip, Hyacinth and Iris  and  slowly the amount grew to 8 houses for 1-6 people.

We look forward to welcoming you to our resort for your forthcoming holiday in St Maartenszee.